Table of Contents

Our Table of Contents

Part 1, Import Transactions
Controlling the Transaction3
Using International Shipping Terms3
The Purchase Order16
Acceptance of the Purchase Order17
The Battle of the Forms20
Managing Legal Jurisdictions22
The Purchase Order Form24
Model Purchase Order Form25
Terms and Conditions of Purchase27
Model Terms and Conditions of Purchase28
The Master Purchase Agreement69
Model Master Purchase Agreement71
Letters of Credit78
Managing Transportation82
Monitoring Your Shipment82
Distribution of Transport Documentation83
Carrier Obligations84
Transport Documents86
Ocean Bill of Lading87
Sample Ocean BOL Form88
Sample Ocean BOL Terms and Conditions91
Air Waybill96
“Forwarder’s” or “House” Bill of Lading/Air Waybill97
FIATA Bill of Lading97
Cargo Insurance98
Purchasing Intermediaries103
Brokers and Forwarders103
CBP Power of Attorney Forms105
Customs Broker POA Forms108
Sample Customs Broker POA Form109
Customs Broker POA Terms and Conditions of Service115
Sample Customs Broker POA Terms and Conditions of Service116
Duties and Responsibilities of Customs Brokers132
Foreign Purchasing Representatives133
Model Purchasing Representation Agreement134
Part 2, Customs Compliance
Importer Compliance Obligations155
Import Sanctions and Embargoes155
Importer Security Filing158
Tariff Classification161
Classification Compliance Procedure181
Chapters 98 and 99 of the HTSUS182
Chapter 98183
Chapter 99187
Country of Origin Rules188
NTR Countries189
NAFTA Countries190
Other Preferential Rules of Origin197
Generalized System of Preferences199
Textiles and Textile Products200
CBP’s Tariff Shift Initiative200
Country of Origin Marking201
Marking of Containers206
Certificates of Origin208
Transaction Value210
First Sale for Export220
Related Party Transactions224
Transaction Value of Identical and Similar Merchandise227
Deductive Value228
Computed Value231
Currency Conversion232
Duty Determination232
Antidumping and Countervailing Duties245
Section 301 Actions250
Record Keeping257
Customs Rulings260
Entry Procedures264
Customs Surety Bond265
Post Entry Amendments268
Customs Bonded Warehouse270
Foreign Trade Zones274
Importer Policies and Procedures280
Voluntary Programs282
ISA Program283
C-TPAT Program284
Drawback Compliance Program289
Record Keeping Compliance Program290
ACE Program291
The Compliance Manual292
The Compliance Manager294
Employee Compliance Responsibilities295
Performance Reviews296
Corrective Actions and Training297
Managing Brokers and Agents298
Responding to CBP Inquiries and Notices300
Specific CBP Inquiries and Notices301
Discovering Violations of Law303
Use of ITRAC Data304
CBP Enforcement Procedures305
Liquidated Damage Claims305
Penalty Claims308
Assessment of Penalties310
Mitigation of Penalties313
Prior Disclosure318
Drafting the Prior Disclosure324
Model Initial Disclosure Letter325
Supplemental Disclosure332
Request for Waivers of the Statue of Limitations333
Detention of Goods344
Seizure of Goods347
Forfeiture of Seized Goods349
Patent, Trademark and Copyright Enforcement351
Trademark Violations354
Copyright Violations361
Petitions for Relief364
Other Federal Agency Import Requirements375
Appendix 1, Sample of a Letter of Credit Issued by Bank of America401
Appendix 2, Attachments to General Terms and Conditions of Purchase (International)405
Appendix 3, Sample Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions414
Appendix 4, Commercial and Pro Forma Invoice Requirements432
Appendix 5, Sample FTZ Operator Agreement439
Appendix 6, Sample Waiver of Statute of Limitations455